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The Team

About the team

CellulaREvolution was founded by Leo Groenewegen (CEO), Martina Miotto (CSO) and Che Connon (CTO). Together they understood the value of creating a dedicated technology driven company in order to further develop and commercialize cell culturing technologies. 

In order for the company to succeed in its mission and to be able thrive as a company we have carefully assembled and recruited highly skilled individuals with a broad range of relevant experience.  We have a dedicated team of engineers, scientists and technicians who support the management in executing our goals and vision.   

Biographies of the team members can be accessed, by clicking on their individual photos. If you are interested in joining our team, please contact us to find our currently open positions or to send in an open application. 

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Leo Groenewegen

Chief Executive Officer

Leo Groenewegen has extensive experience in the fields of Biotech and Pharmaceuticals. During his career he has enabled a wide array of firms to out-perform by achieving scientific, financial and commercial excellence. As Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Groenewegen will ensure that the overall goals of the company are achieved. The CEO will take care of the company’s day to day operating activities.

Leo Groenewegen has previously held a position as CFO at a Swedish based biotech company, where besides financing he was also responsible for Investor relations, PR/Communications and Business Development. Some of his other experiences included positions at reputable consulting firms such as IMS Health and Deloitte.


Dr. Martina Miotto

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr Martina Miotto has a Biotechnology background with expertise in biomaterials, and a PhD in corneal tissue engineering from which stemmed the technology underpinning CellulaREvolution. Dr Miotto initially received a Newcastle University Enterprise Scholarship, followed by an ICURe Fellowship and subsequently an Enterprise Fellowship awarded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh to explore further the market and value proposition. She also has both the appropriate research experience and scientific knowhow to lead the scientific development. Dr Miotto will undertake the product development for each new customer, fine-tuning the coatings for specific cell types or customer needs.

Che Connon

Prof. Che Connon

Chief Technical Officer

Professor Che Connon has led a Tissue Engineering lab for 15 years during which time he has managed a large group of scientists and multi-million-pound budgets. Professor Connon invented the novel concept behind CellulaREvolution and will continue to support the engagement with previously identified and new customers, advise on product development and in developing investment opportunities.  

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Ajay Tharakan

Senior Bioprocessing Engineer



Caroline Bellani

Bioprocessing Engineer

Hello! My name is Caroline Bellani, and I am currently working on the design and development of CellulaREvolution bioreactors that supports the continuous cell proliferation of adherent cells - thanks to the CellulaREvolution key-component.

Regarding my background, I have a PhD in Bioengineering and a PhD in Chemistry of Polymers, besides an extensive experience in multidisciplinary projects across the world. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

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Travis Kemp

Bioprocessing engineer



James Hawley

PhD student

I am a PhD student working on designing and testing new peptide-based molecules for CellulaREvolution’s continuous bioprocessing system, along with adapting the system to be compatible with additional adherent cell types.

My interest in applying molecular and synthetic biology towards the design and development of artificial biological tools and components for industrial applications led me to undertake my studentship as part of CellulaREvolution’s team, providing excellent opportunities to participate in innovative and exciting research. In my spare time I enjoy keeping fit at the gym and spending nights out with friends


Laura Duffy

R&D Technologist

In 2016, Laura obtained a first class honours degree from Northumbria University in Biomedical Sciences. During this time, she completed placements in cell biology, molecular cloning and microbiology laboratories gaining valuable experience. 

Laura started her PhD in Molecular biology in 2016, titled ‘Investigating the role of Gremlin 1 in Systemic Sclerosis’. The project investigated the novel signaling pathways involved in the accumulation of extracellular matrix proteins linked with the developmental protein, Gremlin 1.

During her PhD she sat on the committee at the local student conference and presented her research at the respected European Workshop for Rheumatology Research. 

Laura joined CellulaREvolution in 2019 as a Research and Development Technician, assisting the CSO and team members in their laboratory work. 

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Azzeldin Madkour

R&D Scientist


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