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Technology and Products

Our technology

CellulaREvolution develops enabling technologies for companies growing and culturing various types of cells. We are always developing new products and technologies aiming to be the leader in continuous cell culture.

Our technology is developed to deal with 2 major issues faced by cultured meat, cell therapy and biologics companies. This first issue we identified is the problem with using serum/animal derived additives to grow adherent cells. And the second issue relates to the fact that available surface area is a significant limitation for the scale up of adherent cells.

In order to deal with these two challenges, we have developed to following two products: 

  1. Peptide coating that increases cells proliferation in serum-free conditions.
  2. Bioreactor capable of serum free continuous production of adherent cells

Our Products

Product 1

A synthetic peptide coating which allows for cell culturing in serum-free conditions. The major benefits of this coating are the possibility to eliminate expensive, controversial and unstable animal-derived serum from the culturing process. Leading to a more stable and predictable culturing outcome and cost reductions.

Product 2

Continuous production clearly has some advantages over current batch production which is slow and inefficient. Continuous production will allow cells to grow and release continuously, also allowing for single-cell quality control and automation. We estimate that 1m2 of continuous cell production would require about 7000m2 when using traditional production processes. E.g. 1m2 versus a football pitch. 

The bioreactor we are developing can be used for different types of cells and thus be applicable for companies active in different industries. Of course, we do envision that we would need to tailor versions of the bioreactor in order to optimize it to the specific requirements of the cells, production lines and the client. 

Peptide Technology

Serum-free culture

Increase the proliferation of adherent cells in a serum-free medium of 20% after only 5 days of culture (coating solution). 

Enhanced extracellular proteins

Enhance cell-derived collagen-based scaffold with the tuneable hierarchical organisation (a combination of coating and media supplement solution).


Continuous cell production

Allow the continuous manufacture of adherent cells (coating solution) or tissues (a combination of coating and media supplement solution) via single-cells self-detachment.

What is continuous cell production?

For the first time, we have shown that the number of adherent cells produced is no longer dependent upon the size of the surface area upon which they are grown! 

Our peptide coatings are specially designed so that they can control both cell attachment as well as cell detachment. Simply put as individual cells detach this creates a new space for other cells to grow into, which will then detach ad infinitum.


How our technology helps

We have developed a range of smart coatings that facilitate, 1) serum-free culture, 2) enhanced matrix production and 3) the continuous production of adherent cells. These novel peptide coatings can work singularly or in combination to provide: 

  • reduced bioreactor footprint and downtime
  • practically an unlimited number of cells 
  • true in-line single cell QA
  • growth of a range of cell types in serum-free conditions
  • solutions to range of modern cell culture challenges

Why our technology matters

The drive for more cellular products and therapeutic proteins (biologics) from adherent cells requires a step-change in bioprocessing technology. The approach to growing adherent cells has not changed in 50 years; cells are currently grown in batches, the size of each batch limited by the surface area upon which the cells are attached. Continuous production of cells represents a technology in which the growth of adherent cells is no longer limited by surface area. 

With our coating technology, the number of cells produced from a dozen tissue culture flasks can be reduced to an area the size of a penny! 

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